To make payment, please use account details below:

Account Number : 0006798223


Account Type: Savings

Bank: GTBank

Note: Please, use your username as depositors  name.

Here is our cheap & affordable pricelist:

              End Users


Below  5000units (N1.40k)

Below 5,000units (N1.30k)

5001 – 10,000units (N1.35k)

5001 – 10,000units (N1.25k)

10,001 – 20,000units (N1.30k)

10,001 – 20,000units (N1.20)

20,001 – 50,000units (1.25k)

20,001 – 50,000units (1.15)

50,001 – 100,000units (1.20k)

50,001 – 100,000units (1.10k)

100,001 – 200,000units (1.10k)

100,001 – 200,000units (9.80k)

200,001 and above (Contact Us)

200,001units and above (9.50k)

A page of text message to Mtn cost 2.0 units, while a page of text message to Glo is 1.8unit, Etisalat and Airtel  also cost 1.8unit of SMS. Please see the GSM networks and unit charged below for better clarification.

Continue enjoying the website that offers you the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria.

GSM Networks                  Unit(s) of sms for a page of text message

Airtel                                                  1.8 Unit

Etisalat                                              1.8 Unit

Glo                                                      1.8 Unit

MTN                                                    2.0 Unit

For payment always use your username as the name of depositor on the bank deposit slip,or text amount paid, bank, e-mail  to 08030487821. Your account will be credited immediately your payment has been confirmed.